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The Truth is Out There – WAY Out There ! !


Anybody who knows me well can tell you it’s the rare instance that renders me speechless.  And what usually does it is when I witness something so outrageous it is beyond the pale – some outlandish act of stupidity or brazen, out-and-out lying.  And I’ve seen a great deal of that in Mineola under the current administration.   Jack Martins has lied through his teeth to the taxpayers of Mineola who have paid his salary for lo these many years.  And he’s been trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of our neighbors in the Town of North Hempstead and those sections of Hempstead Town that are in the 7th S.D.  The latest instance can be found in his most recent email, posted on his senate campaign website.

Martins and the other “Trustees” have never had a good word to say about Newsday in all the years I have been attending meetings or watching them on Channel 18.  This week Newsday published its endorsements for the upcoming elections.  Mayor Martins received praise as being an “effective” mayor among other things – which he selectively chose to cut and paste into his e-mail 30.  What he selectively chose to cut and NOT PASTE was the final sentence of the editorial.  Specifically:  NEWSDAY endorses CRAIG JOHNSON.

OOPS ! ! !

Nor did Jack bother to correct Newsday’s blatant error regarding his position on term limits.   The editorial stated:

“Martins believes in term limits and says he will limit himself to two terms as Mineola mayor, meaning he’ll leave next year.”

A)   If anybody bothered to check their facts, they would know that Jack Martins has been mayor of Mineola since 2003.  Our Board members are up for election every two years.  It’s now 2010 and the next mayoral election in Mineola is in 2011.  So let’s do the math shall we?  2011 – 2003 = 8.

Now let’s really push the envelope and try some division.  8 years ÷ 2 years per term = 4 terms.  Based on the arithmatic and by applying logic and deductive reasoning, I come to the conclusion – which happens to be borne out by the facts – that Jack Martins has been Mayor for FOUR TERMS !!!

B)   The only thing more irresponsible than Newsday’s failure to check the facts is the exploitation of this faux pas by the politician in question.  Jack actually incorporated this completely inaccurate statement into his e-mail, citing it as “one of the greatest compliments of public service.”  In the meantime, the “About Jack” page of his website states unequivocally, in black and white, that Martins was elected mayor of Mineola in 2003.  So much for his belief in term limits.

Talk about spin ! ! !

So – to whomever out there might be reading this – think carefully about the vote you cast on November 2nd.  Those of us in Mineola are screwed either way.  If Martins wins, he’s going to represent us in Albany – and it will be more of the same old, same old because he’s as phony as a $3 bill.  If he loses – we in Mineola will STILL be screwed because he’ll still be our mayor.  But at least the rest of you won’t have to put up with his stuff and nonsense.

Spin, baby! Spin!

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Mayor Jack Martins, Republican candidate for New York’s 7th Senatorial District seat, promised to hold a “TRUTH Conference” on Friday, October 8th in front of his Democratic opponent’s headquarters on Herricks Road.  The purpose was to call out Craig Johnson for lies the incumbent is supposedly spreading about Martins.  (If you’re looking for a good giggle, visit martinsforsenate.com, then click under News and look for the October 7th “Message from Jack.”  In case you’re wondering why I don’t just post the link, it’s because the link doesn’t work.

Martins has accused Johnson and his “Albany spin doctors” of “misinforming constituents.”  That’s really rich, coming from someone who has blatantly lied to his own VOM constituents on a variety of occasions – and on TV.  For instance, the mayor lied (on TV) when I questioned him concerning complaints he’d received about the relationship that existed (and continues to exist) between Building Superintendent Dan Whalen and now former Secretary to the BZA, Karen Calabro.  The mayor denied at first that he ever received complaints about the inappropriateness of their relationship.   (Whalen was Calabro’s boss as well as love interest).  At a later meeting (also broadcast on TV) Martins backpedaled and claimed that nobody had ever filed an “OFFICIAL” complaint with him.  Whatever that means.

Ah, lawyers!

The latest fairy-tale emanating from Jack’s mouth is that of the elimination of Karen Calabro’s position.  At the September 22nd Work Session, the VOM “Trustees” (an oxymoron if ever there was one), voted unanimously to eliminate the post of Secretary to the Board of Zoning Appeals, citing cost-effectiveness as their reason.


Calabro’s position was not eliminated to save the Village money.  Nor was it eliminated due to complaints that had been brought to the mayor’s attention against her both verbally and in writing over the years.  It wasn’t even eliminated after the Trustees received proof that Ms. Calabro had defrauded the Village and Nassau County by not paying taxes on her home improvements for more than a decade.

It happened because – according to reliable sources – Ms. Calabro, feeling invincible as usual because of her “favored nation” status, was insubordinate to one of her superiors, specifically the Deputy Village Clerk.   Well, the Village Clerk then got involved.  Before you know it, Mr. Whalen – ever Ms. Calabro’s Knight-In-Shining-Armor – injected himself into the situation.  During the ensuing kerfuffle, Whalen (who seems to think he’s still working in a bar) verbally abused Deputy Village Clerk Cora Kelly.  Mrs. Kelly then filed a complaint.  The next day, Friday, September 17th, Calabro was suspended for one day WITH pay.  That’s right – SUSPENDED ONE DAY WITH PAY.  That’s one of  the luxuries of being an exempt AND unionized employee.

There are some interesting items to ponder in this whole little scenario.  Such as why the mayor waited until this particular incident occurred to take action.  He’s gotten complaints about Whalen and Calabro for years from village taxpayers and employees.  The situation has been addressed at public meetings broadcast on Cablevision Channel 18 as well as in writing.  Yet somebody has had both their backs for the longest time.  They were the Teflon® couple.

Until September 16, 2010.  That’s when they both ran their mouths off to the DVC and that’s when Mayor Martins, after “investigating” (i.e. questioning both Calabro and Whalen independently) decided he had to cut his losses.

So he hatched the perfect plan:  eliminate Calabro’s position.  It is after all, an exempt post that exists at the pleasure of the Board, and the person who fills the job also does so at the pleasure of the Board.  (The pleasure of VOM’s taxpayers apparently doesn’t count for much.)

But how to do it and save face at the same time?  Jack didn’t want to look foolish by admitting that Calabro was finally being fired for insubordination.  That would only prove that folks were right all along.  Then the light bulb came on!  That’s when he came up with the old “eliminating this position will save money for the Village” scheme.

So that’s what he – and the “Trustees” – put out there at the September 22nd work session.  But when I questioned him at the Public Hearing later that same night, Martins would have none of it.  As a Village resident and taxpayer I wanted to know if their action had anything to do with the complaint I’d filed that Ms. Calabro hadn’t paid the proper taxes on her home improvements for the entire time she was accepting salary and benefits as a VOM employee and resident.  But Jack held firm:  he had stated the reason at the Work Session and he would entertain no further questions from me on the matter.  (Sounds like a violation of my civil rights quite frankly – considering it’s a public meeting, I’m a Village taxpayer, I filled out the necessary form and I limited my topic to a matter of concern to the Village of Mineola.  But that’s fodder for another posting.)

You’ve heard that “Life is a Highway?”  Well in the Village of Mineola, life is a creepy fairy tale like something out of the Brothers Grimm.  And in the “World of Make-Believe” that exists in Jack Martins’ mind, facts are entirely optional and “truthiness” is only required of certain people, like his senate opponent.  It’s not required of him, or of certain Village employees.   So bear that in mind the next time Mayor Martins collars you at the Mineola train station to tell you how HE’S the one who’s going to bring integrity back to Albany.  Or the next time you see one of his ads on TV.

Or, you can just bury your head in the Tales of Mother Goose.

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What It’s All About, Alfie

It’s all about getting the real story out there – the truth about what’s been going on in Mineola for the past several years.  It’s about letting Mayor Jack Martins and his trustees know that the taxpayers who keep this Village running are smarter than they think.  And while it is indeed true that they can fool some of the people some of the time, there is no way they can fool all the people all the time.

My name is Jeanne Falabella and I’ve lived in Mineola since September 2001.  I’m not trying to make a name for myself and I have no interest in running for political office.  But I also have no interest in allowing myself to be taken for a fool.  Not for the taxes I pay.  I work TOO HARD for my money.  So when I catch our mayor and our village attorney playing games with the facts, I will call them on it.  And when I find out that certain of our employees are ripping the taxpayers off, I’ll call attention to that too.  And perhaps not as diplomatically as some people might like.

We live in an amazing time when we not only have the ability to get the word out via televised meetings, but through the internet where the tax-payers can see public documentation and judge for themselves.  Jack Martins can shut people down on TV, but he can’t shut down the information superhighway.

So that’s what it’s all about.  Getting the truth out, plain and simple.  We deserve no less.

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