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The Truth is Out There – WAY Out There ! !


I don’t know why I was surprised that Jack Martins would jump to declare himself winner of the 7th S.D. race with less than a full percentage point lead (.51% to be exact).  But he did, and I was.  I’m much less surprised by the genuflecting and hosanna ringing that his fan club has been engaged in – also presumptively.

Much to his credit, Senator Johnson has kept mum.  I’ve seen enough tight election races to know that the usual tactic is for the underdog to get defensive and start talking about how “The opera ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.”  But we’re hearing none of that.  At least not from Johnson himself.

But the chest thumping in the Martins camp began as soon as all the precincts had reported in – despite the fact that there was only a difference of 415 votes.  Jack is behaving as if a 415 vote lead – perhaps even a win – is a mandate.  In the meantime, if you were watching the election results on Channel 12, you might have been as stymied as I was to see no vote tallies being reported for the 7th S.D. even after 9 pm when results from the other precincts were coming in at a fairly steady rate.  Well apparently there were glitches – and plenty of them.  Nobody knows how many emergency ballots didn’t get properly scanned and are sitting in the machines waiting to be counted.  Then there are more than 700 affidavit ballots and nearly 3400 absentee ballots to be tallied.  So, as we are seeing in Suffolk County’s 1st Congressional District, there is plenty of room for uncertainty and perhaps even a little touch of humility.

But don’t look for it from Jack.  In his mind, he’s got this all sewn up.  As to the likelihood that the Democratic party may take legal action to demand a recount down the road, Martins opined  “I have yet to hear from my counterpart, but everything I’m hearing seems to be steered through the Democrat party, the New York City-dominated Democrat partyMaybe that’s how they do things in New York City, but they should allow the process to play itself out in the suburbs and not interfere.”

Say WHAT ? ? ?

WHO’S interfering?

What “THINGS” is Jack talking about?  Does he mean ensuring that EVERY vote is accurately counted?  Is that something only the big city slickers care about?  Are we country bumpkins in the hinterlands of Nassau County too stupid or ignorant to figure out the “democratic” electoral process for ourselves?  Does he really think we’re under some form of Citified Democrat Mind Control?


Because you can bet your bottom dollar that if the shoe was on the other foot, Martins would be itching to get those uncounted votes tabulated, and the Republican machine on Long Island would pull out all the stops to get that 7th Senate District seat.  That’s what political parties do on behalf of their members.  Whether it’s a senate seat in New York, a town alderman somewhere in Tennesee, or President of the United States, close races get scrutinized and there are no real winners until all the ballots are officially tallied by the local Board of Elections.  So getting all arrogant and puffing out your chest to declare how “the communities have spoken” – especially when you have such a miniscule lead – is premature and ungracious.

And another thing:  what’s with the condescending attitude towards New York City?  Most of the people who live in, vote in and pay astronomical property taxes in the 7th S.D. earn their livings in Manhattan.  God knows, you can’t earn a decent living in Nassau.

So, “Possibly Senator-Elect” Martins, when it comes to our neighbor just over the County line, as when it comes to extremely tight elections OR for that matter, when it comes to LIFE IN GENERAL, it would behoove you to check your obnoxiousness at the door.  Because if you are indeed going to serve as state senator, you will have to recognize that you are no longer the guy in charge and that you must be able to play well with others.

Even if those others are fellow Republicans.

Because nobody likes an arrogant toad.


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