Mineola, NY

The Truth is Out There – WAY Out There ! !


Anybody who knows me well can tell you it’s the rare instance that renders me speechless.  And what usually does it is when I witness something so outrageous it is beyond the pale – some outlandish act of stupidity or brazen, out-and-out lying.  And I’ve seen a great deal of that in Mineola under the current administration.   Jack Martins has lied through his teeth to the taxpayers of Mineola who have paid his salary for lo these many years.  And he’s been trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of our neighbors in the Town of North Hempstead and those sections of Hempstead Town that are in the 7th S.D.  The latest instance can be found in his most recent email, posted on his senate campaign website.

Martins and the other “Trustees” have never had a good word to say about Newsday in all the years I have been attending meetings or watching them on Channel 18.  This week Newsday published its endorsements for the upcoming elections.  Mayor Martins received praise as being an “effective” mayor among other things – which he selectively chose to cut and paste into his e-mail 30.  What he selectively chose to cut and NOT PASTE was the final sentence of the editorial.  Specifically:  NEWSDAY endorses CRAIG JOHNSON.

OOPS ! ! !

Nor did Jack bother to correct Newsday’s blatant error regarding his position on term limits.   The editorial stated:

“Martins believes in term limits and says he will limit himself to two terms as Mineola mayor, meaning he’ll leave next year.”

A)   If anybody bothered to check their facts, they would know that Jack Martins has been mayor of Mineola since 2003.  Our Board members are up for election every two years.  It’s now 2010 and the next mayoral election in Mineola is in 2011.  So let’s do the math shall we?  2011 – 2003 = 8.

Now let’s really push the envelope and try some division.  8 years ÷ 2 years per term = 4 terms.  Based on the arithmatic and by applying logic and deductive reasoning, I come to the conclusion – which happens to be borne out by the facts – that Jack Martins has been Mayor for FOUR TERMS !!!

B)   The only thing more irresponsible than Newsday’s failure to check the facts is the exploitation of this faux pas by the politician in question.  Jack actually incorporated this completely inaccurate statement into his e-mail, citing it as “one of the greatest compliments of public service.”  In the meantime, the “About Jack” page of his website states unequivocally, in black and white, that Martins was elected mayor of Mineola in 2003.  So much for his belief in term limits.

Talk about spin ! ! !

So – to whomever out there might be reading this – think carefully about the vote you cast on November 2nd.  Those of us in Mineola are screwed either way.  If Martins wins, he’s going to represent us in Albany – and it will be more of the same old, same old because he’s as phony as a $3 bill.  If he loses – we in Mineola will STILL be screwed because he’ll still be our mayor.  But at least the rest of you won’t have to put up with his stuff and nonsense.

Spin, baby! Spin!


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